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    Interview RTL2 : Scorpions


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    Kostas OntheRocks
    Matthias knows more right english than Klaus and Rudolf
    Par Kostas OntheRocksIl y a 2 ans
    Cindy Stinger Duensing
    They shouldn't of even had him in the interview, if they were going to leave him out, for whatever reason they did leave him out. He's in the middle and they are passing the microphone back and forth past him. Talk about the pink poka dotted elephant in the room. Whatever! I couldn't even concentrate on what was being said. Holy somoly! I'm shocked they allowed this video to be released. Everyone is talking about it. SMH!
    Par Cindy Stinger DuensingIl y a 2 ans
    Bibi Martinet
    C'est pas Matthias qui a fait tous les arrangements avec Michael Nord Anderson ????? et là, Matthias de la merde ??!!!! Pas cool
    Par Bibi MartinetIl y a 2 ans
    Cristy Rawks
    Bored Matthias? What faces! ha But they sure are ignoring your opinion, yeah? hmmm Thx for the interview anyway guys.
    Par Cristy RawksIl y a 2 ans