My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic - Season 4 Episode 6 - Power Ponies

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Superhero pone.


This ep is cool and a little awkward.
By PinkiePieCub February
Soooooooo according to me,it goes like:
Twilight ➡️ Superman
Pinkie➡️ Flash
Rainbow ➡️ Thor
Rarity ➡️ Green Lantern
Applejack ➡️ Wonder Woman
Fluttershy ➡️ Hulk
Spike➡️ Starts off as Robin and transitions into Batman
By Rdawesome January
Bronies count too!
By Naylanasr January
I am a pegasister!!! Whose with me?!
By Naylanasr January
Not night mare moon
By Diamond344 January
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