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    ZIM- The Saga Begins


    by briZgirl

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    AGHHH!!!! CRAZINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay here's a cast:
    Zim: Obi Wan
    Tak: Qui Gon
    Gir: Jarjar
    Mimi: Boss Nass
    Gaz: Pame'
    Dib: Anakin
    Red: Jaba
    Membrane: Vader

    Yea, yea, it doesn't go with the Gangsta Rap video but, WHO CARES?! This song works with this cast (minus the Dib/Gaz Incest (BTW, the artist (who's name escapes me) did not intend for that pic to be DAGR, but I used it for that purpose *runs and hides*))