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    Rahul Mahajan Protests Against Kushal's Mid Week Eviction From Bigg Boss

    Moviez Adda

    by Moviez Adda

    Kushal Tandon has constantly been a victim of Bigg Boss 7 controversies from the initial days of this season be it by his in house tussles or with his time and again pangas with Salman Khan. And well, this is also believed to be one of the reasons for Kushal's unexpected mid-week eviction! While a many of them rejoiced his exit, we now have a few who smell foul in this mid week eviction! Going by reports, facts seem to be strongly supporting Kushal that after Salman's declaration on the weekend episode that Kushal is leading with maximum number of votes, how come suddenly out of nowhere Kushal is triggered with least votes in mid week? Makes sense right? Hinting towards this planned eviction, Rahul Mahajan further took up to twitter and trended that whoever thinks Kushal's eviction was not justifiable must retweet the post! And surprisingly, there were many who followed the thread! Whoa...seems like host Salman Khan is again falling prey to a controversy! Stay tuned as we bring in latest updates!