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    Food for Thought and Inspiration ~ A Christmas Message by Max Lawless

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    Max Lawless

    by Max Lawless

    I didn't give any cards or gifts this year. I offer instead this video, a labour of love made over two days. I hope it will make you think, become inspired and perhaps even appreciate Christmas that little bit more. Be sure to watch it to the end for the full effect!

    Christmas is a time of many things to many people, some positive, some negative.

    For me, it's become a time to pay extra attention to the human condition, not just in my journey, but for all, across the globe. The weight of responsibility; to ourselves, to our fellow human beings, to Mother Earth and all inherent should always outweigh the weight of your shopping bags.

    Thanks go to all of the Youtube contributors, film makers and original artists who's work I have gratefully used in this montage. I'm sorry I can't list them all. I can give more info on any clip or audio if you want it, just ask. However this made you feel, please take a moment to like, dislike, comment and/or share.

    I do not claim any copyright.

    World Health Organisation

    Global Issues, The Human Development Report
    Research Date: 7.23.2012

    Feliz Navidad - Jose Feliciano
    Sunshine (Adagio in D Minor) - John Murphy