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    Whole Foods End Partnership With Chobani

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    Very interesting. Not at all surprised retailers have done this- a lot of them are resorting to anything to keep their measly dollars over repeat customers. I was always told that in retail, your customers come first no matter what, as a repeat customer, or one willing to come back, is worth 100 times any TV. If these companies are so shortsighted they would trade the loyalty of their customers for short term gains, especially in a market with so many alternatives, they are doomed to fail. That's my 2 cents anyway.

    Interesting that a man who has nothing to hide, and is the center of a large investigation would delete anything from their phone. Even if he legitimately had nothing to hide, that's just plain stupid to do anything that would even remotely appear like destroying evidence. I feel bad if that's the case, because that's a hefty price to pay for being rock-stupid. Oh well.

    Another great show 3-Minute update! Rock on!
    By Maklarr80002 years ago