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    Today's Income Inequality Not A Bad Thing Says Republican Lawmaker

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    Presented with overwhelming evidence that income inequality is growing in Minnesota and that it is creating a drag on the economy with the top 1% owning so much of the wealth, a prominent Minnesota Republican leader said that was not necessarily a bad thing.

    Senator David Hann is a former candidate for Minnesota Governor and now Senate minority leader. He was later chastised by House Speaker Paul Thissen who was amazed that Hann would go on the record saying that.

    Representative Greg Davids, also a Republican, tried to turn the talk to taxes, assuming that any fixes for income inequality would involve the government taxing the rich to give to the poor.

    Thissen accused Davids of "being obsessed" with taxes and said there were many other ways to bring about more income equality such as investing in education.

    Video of the full hearing can be found here: Distributed by