Interactive Earth Wind Map Turns Weather Patterns into Art

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A Tokyo based software engineer is responsible for creating the Earth Wind Map which shows near real time wind patterns all across the globe.

Data visualizations, when done right, are a great way to learn more about our world.

A Tokyo based software engineer, Cameron Beccario, is responsible for creating a map which shows near real time wind patterns all across the globe. The interactive map allows web users to grab the planet with their mouse and with a dragging motion, Earth can be completely spun around to show the wind patterns on a global basis.

The map allows viewers to zoom in and a few seconds later, beautiful swirling and sweeping neon green, purple and yellow lines sprawl across the blue planet, making it appear as though the map is actually a piece of abstract artwork.

The data for the wind trends is updated every three hours. The map is made possible by a script that downloads information from the Global Forecast System at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction.

Slower breeze patterns are categorized by the green wispy streaks, yellow signifies stronger winds while the most intense gusts are colored purple and dark pink. What do you think of the interactive wind map?