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Toby Turner knows all things Doom today on Lore! http://bit.ly/MoarLore

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Written by Phil:

Voiced by Toby Turner:

Animated by Ed:


In the distant future, an interplanetary conglomerate known as the Union Aerospace Corporation is the military's biggest contractor, and as such, conducts top secret experiments in its waste disposal facilities on Mars. Research on inter-dimensional space travel has yielded incredible results with the UAC successfully opening gateways between Mars' two moons, Phobos and Deimos. Though objects make it through the portals without harm, the same can't be said for human volunteers who become homicidal and inexplicably explode.

But that doesn't faze you because you're the toughest marine this solar system has ever seen. You assaulted your C.O. for ordering you to fire on civilians and that's landed you on this dusty rock as punishment. With nothing to do for fifty million miles but twiddle your thumbs and watch restricted flicks, you're itching for any kind of action, and that's when you get an ominous transmission from Phobos.

Something freakin' evil is coming out of the gateways and Deimos has disappeared from Mars' orbit altogether. As the only combat-ready soldiers for millions of miles, you and your squadmates double-time Phobos to investigate. Then, while stuck on lookout duty, you listen over the radio as your pals are slaughtered by demon murderous minotaurs, robot spiders, and hellish meatballs. Good thing you're a bad enough of a dude to know how keys and doors work so you set out to stop the invasion from Hell... but your pals took all the guns with them and all you have is a pistol.

Have fun!

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