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Markiplier is here to instill the fear of Slenderman into you on Lore! http://bit.ly/MoarLore

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Written by Phil:

Voiced by Markiplier:

Animated by by Jeremey:

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The mythology of Slenderman is a gruesome one; clutches of children disappearing without a trace, adults found impaled on treetop branches, and organs missing from his victims. But his legend runs much deeper than previously believed. Germanic fairy tales tell of a guardian who roamed the Black Forest, hunting children until they confessed their wrongdoings, but his reach extends far beyond his roots in Germany.

Slenderman has appeared all throughout history in England, Japan, and most recently, North America. How he chooses victims still remains a mystery, but this much we do know: Slenderman will stalk a victim, inducing massive paranoia, nightmares, and hallucinations - collectively dubbed the Slender Sickness.

Death of his victims often occurred through impalement on tree branches, removal or re-insertion of plastic-wrapped organs, or abduction of already Slender Sickness-stricken subjects. His procedure has changed in recent times, however, now preferring to aggressively stalk his victims into irreversible psychosis for long periods of times until the subject is ripe for murder. Any attempts to capture Slenderman on recording devices have all failed -- he has even exhibited the ability to erase memory from our brains upon contact. We may all be victims - it's impossible to know - but one thing is certain: it's too late.

Have fun!

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