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    LORE - Dead Rising Lore in a Minute!


    by lore

    Today Chad is here with some Dead Rising Lore!

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    Written by Phil

    Voiced by Chad

    Animated by D.J. Ross

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    America; world leaders in military strength, government spending, and meat consumption - all very fine qualities in a country but when the third and most important pillar the nation is being threatened by a dwindling meat supply, Americans have no choice but to clone cattle. With a crack team of scientists lead by the brilliant Dr. Russell Barnaby, the US government sets up a classified research facility in the quaint South American town of Santa Cabeza.

    The mission was simple; find a way to mass produce cows so America can go on consuming beef at an astounding rate. Without the appropriate technology, though, Barnaby and his team's efforts were severely limited, but by fate or fortune they discovered an unidentified insect species that allowed for a major scientific breakthrough. The insect, a larger and more aggressive wasp counterpart, possessed an unusual parasitic property that Barnaby utilized to accelerate the manufacturing of cows... unaware it was a lot closer to reanimation than reproduction.

    And naturally, a genetically modified wasp escapes the facility and into Santa Cabeza, infecting and zombifying its residents. With a full-on zombie outbreak on their hands, the US government sends in a special forces team to make everything dead, twice, including the living. But some time later, zombies start popping up in another quaint town, this time in America-America, and that's when war journalist extraordinaire Frank West helicopters his way into ground zero looking to break the next big story... but mostly just to wear women's clothing in a mall full of zombies.

    Have fun!

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