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    LORE - Grand Theft Auto V Lore in a Minute!


    by lore

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    Written by Phil:

    Voiced by RicePirate:

    Animated by Danny:

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    Before relocating to the glamorous city of Los Santos, Michael De Santa was Michael Townley - a washed up high school jock with a drunk for a father. Michael grew up poor and underprivileged and thus turned to crime, robbing his very first bank in Carcer City. His efforts earned him ten grand and a prison sentence, but that didn't deter him from a career of robbery. Michael soon met Trevor Philips, a Canadian psychopath who too shared a penchant for bank heists, and together, they made a killing... until Michael fell in love with a stripper.

    Michael married, had two children, and realized he now had a lot more to lose if he was ever caught, and so he became more prudent professional, much to Trevor's displeasure. Naturally, things go lopsided when Michael is gravely wounded during a heist in North Yankton. After a tearful goodbye, Trevor escapes into the blizzard, leaving his partner behind.

    Michael, inexplicably unscathed and having got off scot-free, takes up the De Santa name and leads a comfortable life even with an unfaithful wife and a moron for a son. But when he and his new pal Franklin level a house they suspect belong to his wife's lover, Michael finds himself two million dollars in debt to a narcotics kingpin that forces him out of retirement and back into the game with Trevor. (beat) And Franklin.

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