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    Feridea - Reborn In Time (Epic Symphonic Metal)


    by blacksheep806

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    Band: Feridea
    Song: Reborn In Time
    Composer: Henrik Airaksinen (blacksheep806)
    Lyrics: Aleksander Viitanen
    Feridea is:

    Henrik Airaksinen - Keyboards
    Aleksander Viitanen - Guitar/Backing vocals
    Heidi Mankinen - Vocals
    Miika Hänninen - Bass
    Jukka Ahlström - Drums
    Hi! This is a title song from my band upcoming demo/EP 'Reborn In Time' .

    Feridea is my symphonic metal band that I formed little over one and a half year ago. I have always been fan of symphonic metal/power metal and it still is the genre I listen most of the time, though celtic type of folk music has also pulled me into its mystical world lately :P I enjoy many types of music.

    I have some old metal songs in this channel but I wanted to form a band for this other style that I enjoy. I still compose that new age musc (those slow piano/violin songs) so I'm not leaving my current style for only metal. And of course Feridea is more than just metal, we also have some acoustic celtic stuff and lot more ^^

    My eyes closing,
    shroud of gray falling
    Wandering out of life and time
    fading out of existence

    I have awaken I am reborn
    wandering throught time and space
    Standing on a silvery shore
    staring on the eyes made of stars

    Well meet again wandering soul
    It's been a while, Since we were here still in time
    light years away, away from time, where you just have died
    But do not fear, oh fear no more child
    Your journey's just begun
    You have been here more than one thousand times
    And you shall be reborn in time

    Whirls of stars take me away
    Through the cosmic time
    Endless worlds in front of me
    Yet again I see

    Reborn in time over and over again
    The way of the universe
    The way of all life
    Stories of all time
    All stories of you and I
    I am here to see
    I am here to be

    The death is just a lie
    Through death comes life
    Story has just begun

    Through endless whirls of stars
    Through mysteries of time
    The shackles are broken

    With arcane power of all
    With cosmic rays we are
    Reborn in time

    Journey is long everlasting
    Now I must go, It's time to be born
    I have seen it all yet I have to see it once more
    Wish me luck I'm going away, see I won't go astray

    And so again a child was born to venture through a life
    And yet again he's destined to die, just to be reborn in time

    And yet again he's destined to die, just to be reborn in time...

    The picture is cover of our upcoming demo/EP 'Reborn In Time'

    Cover artwork by Zila art and design:
    Logo and title production by Juha Tuominen
    Original cover art and logo design by Aleksander Viitanen