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    by aymonegirl

    CYBERBULLYING HOW TO DEAL WITH IT & FORGIVENESS BECAUSE HURT PEOPLE HURT OTHERS. Ladies, I had to make a final response and clearly clearly explain to you the chain of events that led to me being called a bitch, a leech, a nasty African, etc etc, after the person decide to come on my video to insult me. I have shared her comment MADE UNDER A FAKE YOUTUBE NAME BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT SHE DOES and that is what she did to me even when we were on speaking terms. She would come and write things like "I KNOW WHY THE AFRICAN AMERICAN GIRLS DON'T LIKE YOU," under fake youtube accounts (she has several) and insult me yet talk to me on facebook. She actually thought I did not know it was her. I did. And yesterday, she did the same thing. So, I had to do a video and show you some proof so you can attest veracity of my claims and support me beyond a shadow of a doubt. She has yet to post any of my content insulting her, why? I never disrespected her and to this day, I think she is really great with makeup. It is not my ministry to degrade but to uplift; however, insulted, I will defend myself.

    Bullies continue to hurt, harass and bully because those one the receiving end never speak up and instead hurt their bodies. NO! Make the bully bear responsibility for his or her actions. You have to. Do not concern yourself with the aftermath because as you stand you are under attack so defend yourself with your words and of course with proofs.

    If I tell a friend be careful of such and such, I always show proof. Why? Because warnings on other's character without proof is nothing more than gossip. I don't make it a hobby to destroy the character of others.

    Therefore, I created a facebook album to allow you to read the conversation we had before she went on to have cerebral spasms on her facebook timeline.


    And as I previously stated, I was called all of these names because I said people say I have a strong personality. That is it. That is it. So please bear witness and take heed. Because some people are potent with their aim to destroy and hurt others. If you are on her page, you have witnessed how she talks to and about people, especially when they ask her for a collab. She is mean. She is hurt and weakened by her hurt. Indeed, hurt people hurt others to feel strong and to validate their existence.

    However, forgiveness is the key to progress in life. I urge you to fix your anger, to forgive, and to become a better person. We will be in 2014 in a few days, so please, my darling, change for the better.

    Marlene. Follow me on IG for more fun!!!!