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    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Avalon Goodman 1973

    The Benny Goodman Quartet at Philharmonic Hall in 1973.
    In a previous Avalon in my Goodman playlist this is obviously the rehearsal for this televised concert in Philharmonic Hall. Benny plays a much longer intro, but the bandmembers wait for the queue, (the standard high society clarinet solo with a clever key modulation) and off they go.
    Here in my little workroom I play my clips via my Sony amp through high quality Bose speakers. I really had to turn the bass down.
    For starters the bassist was not announced and appears after the introduction and he is no small name either. He is the famous George Duvivier.
    I guess Benny wanted a more modern sound than what was produced originally at the 1938 Carnegie Concert. Makes sense, You've got to go with the times.
    Unfortunately for the sound engineer it was either his first gig ever or he had no clue. The bass ( good playing though) is about 100% too loud, especially when considered in context of this famous quartet.
    But it is certainly a thrill to see these fabulous musicians do their thing. They haven't lost it, some 35 years later.