Man Survives Oncoming Train After Falling on Tracks

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A man in New York City, Ralph Mercado recently survived the unimaginable after falling on train tracks.

A nightmare scenario recently played out in New York City when a man fell onto the tracks in front of a subway train. Fortunately, Ralph Mercado survived the horrific incident unscathed.

It all happened at Union Square in Manhattan. An oncoming subway meant his chances of survival were slim at best, but the quick thinking Mercado dove into the roadbed in the gap between the rails as the train drove straight over his body.

That simple, fast action is what saved his life. The aftermath of the ordeal was caught on camera. Transit workers rushed to the scene to pull him free.

The power was shut off on the tracks and Mercado was tugged to safety. He was hospitalized for a bruised hand but was expected to make a full recovery. According to reports, he was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation.

Witnesses claimed they heard Mercado scream for help after he had fallen but it was too late to save him from the barreling train. It remains unknown how he had fallen on the tracks to start with, however everyone seems to be in agreement when it comes to Mercado’s extremely lucky survival.

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