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    97 views - " SAP WM(WAREHOUSE
    MANAGEMENT) ONLINE TRAINING " Online Training contact or+1-6786933994,+1-6786933475,
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    SAP WM(warehouse Management) Online Training Course Content
    Processes in Logistics Execution
    Organizational units and master data in Logistics Execution
    Mapping goods receipt and goods issue processes in SAP ERP (warehouse management, delivery processing, and transport)
    Monitoring these processes in the warehouse activity monitor
    Introduction to mobile data entry and cross docking
    Overview of Handling Unit Management
    Introduction to Task and Resource Management
    Inventory Management and Physical Inventory
    Goods receipt
    Stock transfers/transfer postings
    Goods issue
    Special forms of procurement (subcontracting, consignment, pipeline)
    Special forms of material valuation (split valuation, non-valuated material)
    Physical inventory and special inventory procedures: cycle counting and sample-based physical inventory in SAP
    Reporting in inventory management
    Selected customizing-settings for inventory management and physical inventory
    Delivery Processes
    Overview of the delivery processes in SAP ERP Central Component
    Organizational structures in delivery processing
    Controlling inbound and outbound deliveries (Customizing)
    Creating and processing outbound and inbouce deliveries
    Packing functions
    Goods issue and goods receipt
    Stock transfer with deliveries
    Basics of transportation processing
    Transportation control
    Transportation planning and processing
    Transportation monitoring and evaluation
    Basics of shipment cost processing
    Shipment cost calculation
    Shipment cost settlement
    Shipping costs within the sales process
    Connecting express delivery companies
    Warehouse Management
    Organizational units and master data in Warehouse Management
    Configuring the interface between Inventory Management and Warehouse Management
    Batch management and quality management in the warehouse
    Delivery processes using Warehouse Management
    Staging components for production from the warehouse
    Configuring the warehouse activity monitor as a control instrument
    Inventory at storage bin level
    Case study: setting up a new warehouse
    Additional Topics in Warehouse Management
    Decentralized Warehouse Management
    Storage unit management
    Hazardous materials
    Gain an overview of Handling Unit Management in Warehouse Management