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    JATP Gillespie 1967

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

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    Thomas N Wallin
    Det här är fjärdedelar som aldrig är fel. Jag har lyssnat och sett JATP sedan jag var 15 år. Nu är jag dryga 70.
    Och jag ledsnar aldrig. Full sväng hela tiden. God fornøjelse!
    By Thomas N Wallin3 years ago
    More swingin´and boppin´Jatp! One can´t get enough of it :) Thanks for this one!
    By Jatp9 years ago
    Nice to see this. I saw this concert in the eighties on the BBC. The tune is Ow! by Dizzy Gillespie and is just based on rhythmnchanges.
    By MrDrive9 years ago
    Phil Person
    The name of this tune is "Ow" & it's on "Rhythm" changes. Dizzy wrote it. Thanks for posting this great clip!
    By Phil Person9 years ago