Design Me Feat Chipper - Magnetism PIX006 (Official Music Video)

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PIXL006 - Desing Me feat Chipper - Magnetism (Official Music Video)

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Video Credits:

Directed by Carles Domenech
Produced by Mediartia
Recorded by Christian Le Freak
Make up by Elena Sanchez Fernandez (Jean Louis David, Badalona Centro)
Special Thanks to: Gala, Albert Rodriguez, Eric Ponce, Marc Sarda, Stanley Chipper, Hotel Trias - Shuffle Session : Discover the best of the Dance / Techno / Clubbing music. Shuffle Session is your channel for all the dance, club, electronic music where you can experience music, in high quality audio. Subscribe to stay connected to our channel and receive all of our video updates! ShuffleSession :

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