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    Zero 7 - Distractions (Lowlands 2000)

    Club Love

    by Club Love

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    Zero 7 have also been popularly featured in various film and TV soundtracks, as well as lounge music compilations such as The Chillout Project by Philippine DJ Anton Ramos, and the Hôtel Costes compilation CDs.

    Their track "Lo" was featured on a mix CD by Layo and Bushwacka!, and is the reason behind the common mistake of people thinking that Layo and Bushwacka! had remixed the track, when they have not.

    It is one of the few times the track has actually appeared on CD (or in digital form), as the only Zero 7 release it has been featured on is EP1 which was only available on vinyl.

    Their music appearances in movies and television are also apparent, most notably their songs "Destiny" (featured in Blue Crush), Raising Helen as well as on Episode 60, "Four Aliens and A Baby," in the third season of Roswell), "Give It Away" (featured on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - track 5 on the official soundtrack), and "In The Waiting Line" (featured on the Grammy-winning Garden State soundtrack as well as on Episode 85, "The Domino Effect," in the sixth season of Sex and the City on HBO, and also on episode 59, "Needle in a Haystack," in the third season of House, M.D. on Fox).

    Currently "Destiny" is featured on the Lacoste website. For SkyTV's broadcast of the Star Wars Saga (Episodes 1-6), "Destiny" was used as the background music in the 'romance' version of the full length commercial. In early 2006, HBO used "In The Waiting Line" for a promotional for the network's upcoming season of shows.

    The 96-second trailer featured clips of the shows moving in backwards fashion.