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    Man Who Fell Through Ice Survived Freezing Temps by Staying in Guitar Case

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    A man in Muskogee county is ridiculously fortunate just to be alive after spending an entire night in the freezing cold.

    A man in Muskogee county, Oklahoma is ridiculously fortunate to be alive after spending an entire night in the freezing cold. Making matters worse, he had fallen through bitterly frigid waters prior to landing in the woods.

    Rescuers located the male, 31-year-old Zackery Aders, wearing only boxer shorts in the rugged terrain near a pond. In an effort to say warm, Aders had taken up shelter in a guitar case that he had been holding.

    His other clothes which he removed were found nearby, frozen solid. According to responders who found him, Aders was so cold, he couldn’t even walk.

    He was taken to the nearest hospital where he received treatment for hypothermia. According to police, Aders terrifying ordeal began when he ventured outdoors on a hike which would have been 26 miles long.

    He was taking the trip on foot to see a woman, but somewhere along the journey he got lost and fell through the ice. He spent a full 24 hours in the woods after somehow making his way back to shore.

    Aders admitted to police he had been under the influence of an unidentified substance during the trip. He was not arrested.