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    Justin Bieber and Will Smith Photo Named Instagram's Picture of the Year

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    An image captured of Justin Bieber and Will Smith together named Instagram's photo of the year. It’s a somewhat standard picture.

    These days, Instagram is one of the bellweathers for what's hot in social media. So which picture is hitting the #1 spot when it comes to popularity for this year?

    It’s an image captured of Justin Bieber and Will Smith with their arms around one another. On the first look, it’s a somewhat unremarkable picture, despite the fact that the two buddies in it are celebs.

    Nevertheless, that seemingly simple moment caught on camera garnered an astounding 1.5 million likes in 2013, and subsequently was named as Instagram's photo of the year.

    What most likely played a huge role in the photo landing the winning status is Bieber’s popularity on social media websites. He currently has over 12 million followers on Instagram alone and 47 million fans on Twitter.

    Bieber was the one who posted the image. It initially hit Instagram in August. The simple caption noted “Me and uncle Will” – the lack of flashiness and originality is probably responsible for skyrocketing the image’s views and likes.

    What do you think of Instagram’s photo of the year winner?