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Mobb Deep feat. Vita - Burn

It be a buck-fifty, your chance of runnin is infinte
Slugs that leave niggas drugged like a chick slip the Mickey
I'm so on the low it'd take a Navy SEAL to get me, when I surface
If not chips to Benz is the purposeTesti Canzoni
On your team I'll pull the curtain, a beautiful hurtin
'Til my eyes see the blood, that mean the creep start workin
Niggas never learnin that they eyes keep lurkin
Have ya janitor pumpin your X5 merkin
Skid marks the street, your heart skips a beat
Beef? Nigga overcook that meat
Get no sleep, only rest is in between the blink
My life story was written in blood, permanent ink
Killer instinct, R.I.P. 'em
Gotta think like that cuz forever I be needin 'em
Plan flawless, mistakes never repeatin 'em
Some love, some hate me, bitches in the head beatin 'em (So)
Niggas wanna ride by the crib all slow (Oh)
We clap motherfucker, want a real rap show?
Fiends are rushin when the mack blow, dead in my castle
And in the blink watch how quick life pass you

[Chorus - Vita] 2x
What's wrong with motherfuckers,
When will the ever learn
Keep playin with that fire,
And that ass is gettin burned
Fuckin with semi-autos,
One foot is in the grave
We givin all of y'all,
Somethin to be afraid of

[Big Noyd]
Lemme tell you how it's goin down, it's on now
Niggas used to love me, now they wanna hate me now
I'm that same nigga with the tech, holdin the spot down
Except I'm pushin a Lex, lettin the top down
But wait, you don't think I live a pop life now
That's hate, you could get popped right now
Me don't play, I keep a gun around my way
Cuz I'm a fuckin drama king like my nigga Kayslay
Sex, drugs, money, and murder all day
It's rules, guidlines, and codes, we obey
Don't even trip, IMD it's that I claim
Infamous Mobb Deep nigga, ready to bang
Nigga don't think shit stink, then shit hit the fans
So I don't slip, I'ma shit with my gun in my hand

7 commentaires

' hihi Tres bien;
Par taiiiaaa il y a 4 ans
jkif la west mé o k ou tapa rmarké la west elle est finie... Q.B
Par nabs68200 il y a 6 ans
lol se son vaut pas la west coast??? ok ptdr lui burn!!!!
Par cr737 il y a 6 ans
bof ... sa vaut pas la west coast ce truk la ...
Par rich-tich_Over il y a 6 ans
encore une démonstration de talent pour THE IMFAMOUS!!!! ça calme...
Par spawn-ID il y a 6 ans
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