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    Prisoners by Alex Pandrea and The Blue Crown - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    The Sandwich Plot is a classic of magic. Most modern sandwich effects have one thing in common - they happen quickly in the blink of an eye. Prisoners explores the other end of the spectrum where every move is slow clear and deliberate.
    A card is selected and can be signed if desired. The card is returned to the middle of the deck which is then spread face-down on the table. The two Jokers are placed face-up clearly and cleanly at each end of the spread and the pack is squared. Immediately and with no moves the deck is re-spread showing that the Jokers have jumped to the middle of the deck - sandwiching one card between them. It is the selected card.
    Prisoners requires no skill to perform yet achieves an incredible audience reaction because the process is so fair and direct. This directness also allows you to perform without speaking so it can be done in loud environments or for audiences who speak a different language. This is a perfect closing piece for a card act and is an ideal choice when you can only show one trick to an important client.
    Super easy to perform no skill required
    Can be performed silently
    Expert teaching covers every detail
    Includes Bonus Sandwich Routine