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    Legend (DVD and Gimmicks) by Justin Miller and Kozmomagic - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    In an attempt to be charitable you explain that one of your audience members has a REAL chance to win some money lets say 100 (it can be any denomination of any country). You place a card face down into the empty card-box with the folded desired currency and you hand the box and money to them (or just lay it on the table). You ask them to name any card no force anyone at all. lets say they say 10 of diamonds with a sly grin on your face you slowy take back the card-box open it up take out JUST the money and ONE card (there are no extra cards the box is empty they can crawl inside for themselves) and when the card is turned over it is found to be the freely named card and you get to keep your money and become a LEGEND in their re-telling of the story they just witnessed first hand
    LEGEND is a very sneaky and ingenius way to mask the the idea of a predicted card that is ridiculously clean But beyond that LEGEND is so much more Here is exactly what you get when you purchase this LEGENDary principleFull length professional DVD
    2 rider-back gimmicks red and blue (all you need is an exacto knife takes 30 seconds to make a gimmick)
    LIVE and in-studio performances of LEGEND
    Beginer and advanced versions
    Alternative handlings including Portal (2 signed card transpo). Use LEGEND as a super secret switching device with bills rings and anything that can fit inside a card box
    You get all of this for only 25 plus shipping. So what are you waiting for have in your arsenal what Justin has been using to FRY people for years become a LEGEND yourself.