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    CPAP (3 DVD set) by Patrick Dessi - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Patrick Dessi makes me dream tomorrow I go to close-up - Otto Wessely
    Bloom Captain Speaking Fasten your seatbelt and open your brain We will fly together with Patrick Dessi at an altitude of thought rarely equaled ... secrets never affected finger or even glimpsed or dreamed ... all this with surgical precision. Yes Patrick Dessi is a master and mentor to some of our most prestigious representatives of the Art. A man of many talents Im sure you will rejoice all these nuggets. Either joy with you. - Gaetan Bloom
    Patrick knows how to make easy what others complicate the sake of detail it polishes it applies Recognized as a master by his teaching He is you see as much magic. - Norbert Ferr
    DVD 1 Routines
    DVD 2 Explanations
    DVD 3 Techniques
    In this box you will learn a true spectacle of card magic.
    Patrick Dessi shows you how to set up a C-PAP (Rosary periodo-aperiodic) and how to use it.
    THERE is no effort of memory you can show the cards face up no logical sequence the principle is just great
    Patrick Dessi also delivers all technical false cuts false shuffles cards the eye ...
    40 minutes spetacle.
    Detailed explanations.
    Over 18 Techniques cartomagiques.
    Bonus Discussion with Norbert Ferr on the C-PAP