Dean Martin - The Best Of Dean Martin - Vol.1

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A Great selection of Dean Martin's songs
Dean Martin - The Best Of Dean Martin - Vol.1
1 The Christmas Blues
2 Where Can I Go Without You?
3 You're The Right One
4 Love Me, Love Me
5 Don't You Remember?
6 I Feel A Song Comin' On
7 Who's Your Little Who-Zis!
8 A Girl Named Mary And A Boy Named Bill
9 With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
10 Just One More Chance
11 Second Chance
12 The Peanut Vendor
13 Little Did We Know
14 Kiss
15 I Passed Your House Tonight
16 Pretty As A Picture
17 Won't You Surrender
18 Never Before
19 Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!
20 Night Train To Memphis
21 As You Are
22 I Ran All The Way Home
23 Bella Bimba
24 Solitaire
25 Aw C'mon
26 Pennies From Heaven
27 In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening
28 We Never Talk Much, We Just Sit Around
29 I Love The Way You Say Goodnight
30 If - Find all time classic Tracks.
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