My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Episode 70, "Flight to the Finish"


by Jonny_Manz

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The fillies and colts in Ponyville are competing under Rainbow Dash's guidance to be the town's flag carrier for the upcoming Equestria Games. The Cutie Mark Crusaders put together an impressive routine that showcases how all three races of pony live harmoniously in Ponyville. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, who are also vying, attempt to sabotage the event by pointing out Scootaloo's inability to fly at her age. Annoyed, Scootaloo changes the routine to focus more on her and spends all her time practicing flying, exhausting Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. When she realizes she will be unable to fly, Scootaloo decides to drop out. When Rainbow Dash finds out, she takes Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle back to Scootaloo's home, and re-enforces the idea that their presentation was not about her ability to fly, but the friendships between the three of them. Realizing her mistake, Scootaloo rejoins her friends and together they successfully win the competition together.


i...hated rainbowdash so much on this episode...at the beginning she is loud very energetic, which yes its part of her character but it was taken way past where she usually goes, tell me when was the last time she interrupted someone by yelling on their ear "FORget!" the main six are supposed to be adults, even tho they act childish from time to time it never goes(or should) to the point of being rude she just feels off character. then when seeing the CMC act she cant just say "that was really good girls good job"? she wants to act professional and im fine with that but she comes off as dumb when she cant even come up with a good way to compliment the crusaders good work, then when she sees their second attempt instead of acting like an actual coach and talking to them about their presentation she just blows them off and goes do something else, she is acting like the worst coach ever she doesnt help the kids at all but instead misleads them, and yes at the end she acts like herself and brings them back togheter but honestly the whole terrible coaching was unnessesary, the whole thing would have been way funnier and much more enjoyable if tiara and spoon would have spent the episode trying to ruing their act but failing and having karma trips instead, i have seen that a few times before yes but it would have been more in character more entertaining all around, instead we get the even older cliche of the misunderstanding which i hate to death.

ugh...and then at the end her remarks of being professional to the judge pony just...UUGHH god soo annoying, terrible episode imo
By Drunkefox September

By Max August
welp i broke your chain :P
Also, this is the only episode that we can take a guess at Scootaloo's room. Though where she lives (roughly) is still unknown, we have a clear view that she is definitely a resident in Ponyville. Now, just to make up some bullshit story for her before all is revealed in season five.
... You know when you think of something, then you write it but it doesn't word as you want it to? It's exactly what's happening here. I think of something cool, witty and intellectual to say, but then I write something completely different. Man, #fuckmylife
By Arioch Starr February
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