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    Mobb Deep - Getaway

    Sometimes I feel I got to get away

    For these streets like a fein for crack
    but pullin me back
    Its real got a nigga goin (ooh ooh) cuz no matter drama or gossip
    my heart is your hood my dogs niggas i rock wit (get away)
    Before you get clapped put the tougnes to two loose have everybody on the corner goin (ooh ooh)
    holdin they mouth shock as fuck i just had to air that boy out (get away)
    and now theres blood on my tims snitches callin 1 800 crime stoppers
    when they see me they like (ooh ooh)
    cuz they want that thousand dollars
    and not only that police will die to catch a fucking collar (get away)
    and i'm out of here ain't no telling when i be back
    get rid of this gat
    dog you know i flew (ooh ooh) hell out of dodge
    nigga bout this paper ain't no time to be sitting behind bars

    [chorus: Havoc]
    I got to get away but fuck that never let a nigga take me out of my zone
    if he tryin to blown it go
    (ooh ooh) wit no remorse kid its the cold hearted
    queens nigga grimey retarted
    you know [repeat]

    (get away)
    cuz i'm not playin i'm bangin hammers on niggas
    put hands on that niggas life (ooh ooh)
    just beat the shit out you I brawl like animal
    your whole team scrambling ( thats right) ( get away)
    when we come through pushing new trucks
    bitches be pushing and shoving to look at us
    they go (ooh ooh) yeah take a good look bitch
    this might be last time you'll see gangsters like this
    then (get away) cuz somebody bout to die
    and its going to be a stampede when them shots fly
    (blah ba blah) (ooh ooh) rip that nigga you know
    R.I.P your soul just lift up and (get away)
    uh huh yeah you out of here nigga
    I'll see on that other side bye nigga
    ( other side) (thats right) families cry river
    courtesey of my niggas we terrorize rappers

    [chorus: Havoc]
    I got to get away but fuck that never let a nigga take me out my zone
    if he tryin blown it go