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    Twitter Users Reject Change, Valve Pushes Steam OS Beta


    by IBTimes

    Welcome to 60 Sec Tech - one minute on what you need to know in technology. A select group of 300 individuals will be able to beta test Steam’s gaming setup, known colloquially as the Steambox. It’s powered by Steam OS, a deviation of the popular open-source operating system, Linux. Steam OS relies on a user’s pre-existing computer setup to stream games to a television, so some users won’t have to invest in new hardware. Two of the minds behind Guitar Hero have come together to release a fitness game - Goji Play. Charles and Kai Huang, developers of the mega-popular guitar rhythm game, say their game takes the monotony out of cardio. For $99 you get their button controllers and a bunch of tailored games, so long as you have an iOS device. And finally, Twitter is backing out of recent updates to their blocking system. The update let users see and interact with accounts that had blocked them, defeating the purpose of the block. The company reverted to its old system within a day of widespread user outrage. That wraps it up. Join us next time for 60 Sec Tech.