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    SD Gundam G Generation Wars Strike (Basic) all Attacks

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    von Blatrix_FB

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    Gundam: GAT-X105 Strike
    Pilot: Kira Yamato
    I don't know why this Unit has this (Basic) in his name. Well, after some Level ups, you can evolve it to the "real" GAT-X105 Strike. I put every awakening Attack from Kira with the Strike (Basic) in this Video, because I wanted it so. I don't know, if there is a third Attack with Kira in SEED Mode, because I never saw it. Let me know, if it exist^^
    Igelstellung (the MGs on the sleeves)
    57mm High-Energy Beam Rifle
    Beam Saber (the Awakening Attack of Kira)
    Gundam Shutsugeki
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