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    Plane Crash Resulted From Emus on Runway

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    A Cessna 441 landed harshly on its belly because the panicked pilot forgot to engage the landing gear. The reason why the pilot wasn’t calm and thinking clearly was because he spotted a bunch of emus hanging out on the runway.

    Pilots have a tough job being responsible for passengers’ lives and keeping a constant eye out for anything everything unexpected. In a bizarre report, the cause of a non fatal plane crash in Australia was just recently released.

    The Cessna 441 landed was forced to land on its belly because the distracted pilot forgot to engage the landing gear. But here’s the unexpected part - the pilot wasn’t thinking clearly because he spotted a bunch of emus on the runway.

    Typical safety equipment includes a horn that alerts the pilot when the landing gear is not down, but in this case it did not sound. Thankfully none of the 8 passengers were injured.

    The flight had been the pilot’s third that day on runs between Adelaide and the Honeymoon mine area. According to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, the cause of the accident is considered the result of pilot distraction due to the emus.

    The bureau pointed out the dangers of focusing on anything other than the proper safety protocol when something unforeseen occurs during a flight.