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    How Have The Letters To Santa Changed In The Past 100 Years? Kids in 2013 Compared To Kids In 1913


    by IBTimes


    Memories from our child-hood include putting money under our pillow when we loss a tooth, checking under out bed for the ‘boogie monster’ and writing letters to Santa Claus when December came. Writing a list for Santa is something that kids all over the world have always done. But how have these lists changed in the past 100 years? was able to use old newspapers and archives to construct the list of the top items our ancestors in 1913 asked for when they were kids 100 years ago, including: Candy, nuts, mittens, rocking horse, toy train, oranges, books, hanker-chiefs and skates.

    Today in 2013 it wouldn’t shock you if you child tried to Skype Santa or send their wish list from their i-Pad. We live now in an era of technology where toys have to be interactive to gage the attention of the young.

    Based on the top items sold for Christmas at leading outlets like ToysRUs and Walmart include: Furby boom, robotic puppy, lead pad ultra, flying fairy, bug hugs Elmo, Barbie dream house, Giggly monkey, nerf gun, ninja turtles and Lego.

    Times are changing, as are we, and our consumer habits. It is all about the newest product, and the toy with the most innovation. Can you even imagine giving a six year old kid an orange for Christmas this year? No, didn’t think so!