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    Alien Worlds Hubble discovers water vapour venting from Jupiter's moon Europa WWW.GOODNEWS.WS

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    Illustrated fly-by of Europa's plumes (artist's impression): This animation shows the newly-discovered water vapour plumes on Jupiter's moon Europa. This artist's impression uses actual Jupiter and Europa images in visible light. The Hubble ultraviolet images showing the faint emission from the water vapour plumes have been superimposed, respecting the size but not the brightness of the plumes.Credit: NASA, ESA, and M. Kornmesser.Science Credit: NASA, ESA, L. Roth (Southwest Research Institute and University of Cologne, Germany), J. Saur (University of Cologne, Germany), K. Retherford (Southwest Research Institute), D. Strobel and P. Feldman (Johns Hopkins University), M. McGrath (Marshall Space Flight Center), and F. Nimmo (University of California, Santa Cruz)

    Alien Worlds: Hubble discovers water vapour venting from Jupiter’s moon Europa