Classic Game Room - INSANITY review for PC-Engine

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Insanity review. Shop CGR shirts, hats, mugs & gear! Classic Game Room reviews INSANITY for PC-Engine Super CD-ROM (and Turbografx-16 CD Rom) a Berzerk clone with rocking music from Aetherbyte Software. Berzerk clone on the PC-Engine or Turbografx-16 Super CD-ROM which packs some of the most rocking music you'll ever hear! Shoot the robots before Evil Ot..... before the "Robot Overlord" appears on screen. Don't go on a Frenzy because you'll go Berzerk for Insanity!!


Well Mark's video's on here should definitely start to get more exposure especially with him using Dailymotion on his website now instead of YouTube, but I'm not sure if other large and popular YouTube channels will make the migration, we'll have to see it's interesting times to say the least.
By TheGambit last year
Well thank goodness I found SOMEBODY on here ~_~ For all the talk about revolution and anger, it sure is awfully quiet on dailymotion. Hopefully things will start picking up soon, though.
By malyssa last year
I'm not going to make a comment about the YouTube fiasco, instead I'm going to agree with Mark and say that this games music is pretty darn kickass.
By TheGambit last year
Im going to upload here!
By thebaconfromhell last year
Hopefully everyone comes over from YouTube. It's got to start somewhere! So glad we can see your videos here.
By Bildi last year
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