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    The Roots - Next Movement


    by jekyllah

    18 639 views
    u are now in tune to the sounds
    of the legendary foundation
    Testin, yo, you go
    (Hey u listeners, stop what u're doin and
    set it in motion, it's the next movement x2

    Yo, 1 2 1-2 1-2
    That's how we usually start, 1ce again it's the Thought
    The Dalai Lama of the mic, the prime minister Thought
    This directed to whoever in listening range
    Yo the whole state of things in the world bout to change
    Black rain fallin from the sky look strange
    The ghetto is red hot, we steppin on flames
    Yo, it's inflation on the price for fame
    and it was all the same, but then the antidote came
    The Black Thought, ill syllablist, out the Fifth
    This heavyweight rap shit I'm about to lift
    LIKE, a phyllum lift up it's seed to sunlight
    I plug in the mic, draw like a gunfight
    I never use a cordless, or stand applaudless
    Sippin cholorophyll out of ill silver goblets
    I'm like a faucet, monopoly's the object
    There ain't no way to cut this tap, u got ta get wet
    ur head is throbbin and I ain't said shit yet
    The Roots crew, the next movement, c'mon!
    Word up, the formation of words to fit
    That's what I usually disturb u with
    A lot of rappers never heard of this, or know half the time it is
    u doubt the Illa-Fifth, what could u accomplish?
    Whether they skywriting ur name, or u anonymous
    u be speechless, with stinging sinuses
    The Roots royal highnesses through ur monitors
    I tilt my crown, then blow down a diamond kiss
    u need to buy a CD and stop rewindin this
    I'm the finalist, shinin like a rugged amethyst
    And at ur music conference, I'm the panelist
    Listen close to my poetry, I examine this
    like an analyst, to see if u can handle this
    Check it out
    u got the groove, MCs
    freeze, stand still, nobody move
    unless u dealin with The Next Movement
    The P-Phi-D we be the mon-u-ment
    I live my life nice, but I'm not too bent
    u theatrical as a Broadway play, this ain't Rent
    One 100%, straight out the Basement
    Spreadin this across a planet on some next shit
    How many people feelin this love music? C'mon