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    Jai Ho New Posters | Furious Salman Revolting As People's Man

    Bollywood Live

    by Bollywood Live

    Our Dabbang star Salman Khan seems to be leaving no stone unturned to hype his upcoming film Jai Ho. After having already raised a whole new curiosity level by the first official poster of Jai Ho, our buzzing bee has now grabbed a yet another set of poster starring the rebellious Salman! And well, this time we have not one but a dual treat! So without keeping you all waiting, let's take you to the Jai Ho bang! While on one side we have Salman revolting with his strengthened fist, the other one equally growls an impact with a roaring Salman! However, having noticed the common thread of similarity in all the three posters released so far, it clearly claims that this masterpiece too, owes its applaud to a million fans who ventured out virally to create our Jai Ho Salman! Seems like our People's man is sailing all the way! Nevertheless, with this, we also can't wait to see the official trailer that's coming in next! So stay tuned!