GangStarr - rite where you stand ft Jada

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Yo, I don't even wanna fight with you man
I'll lay you right where you stand
You can catch a few shells
One go right through your polo, man
Usually I'm dolo and I gotta crazy team
Car kissed the ride on you, watch for the laserbeam
Shit, it's that Ol' G Flavor
Remind you of a corner bodega and that oldie behavior
All point but I ain't tryna scuffle with chumps
My long joints got the culture power plus the double pump
Troublesome, to anyone who stands in the way
I'll stand and I'll spray, FUCK if ya man is in the way
Your girl want me cuz I do it better than you
The whole world wants me nigga, I'ma legend to you
Like LL, Rakim, Ice-T and them niggaz
Like Cube, Snoop and Dre, I'ma be seenin them figures
It don't matter, you don't have to be likin me man
Keep playin, you'll be layin there, right where you stand

[Chorus: Jadakiss]
Gun on my waist, knife in my hand
I keep tellin you cowards, I'ma leave you there right where you stand
I don't wanna talk and I ain't tryna wanna fight with ya man
Tryna get it over quick, leave you right where you stand
Some say I'm trifflin, sometimes I'm rightfully am
But I don't give a fuck, I'ma leave you right where you stand
You just mad, you will never be as nice as I am
D-Block, GangStarr leave you right where you stand, what

You wanna know why I invest all my money into haze and into dope
Cuz right now, I'm currently a slave for Interscope
Respect first, then money - basic shit
If you got niggaz under pressure, you could take they shit
Listen, I'ma leave you right where you stand
Have the ambulance pass ya Timberlands off right to ya man
Cuz he pussy, he ain't gonna do nothin but look
When it come to beef, he don't wanna do nothing but cook
As soon as the chrome scope him, right there, two in the dome
Smokin, Kiss keep funeral homes open
I fall back, smoke an ounce in the dark
Bounce on a Preme track like I bounce on a NARC...


ça me plait heh . ,........
By cuttiebabez 4 years ago
more videos!!! ..i feel lonely though.. ..!
By swetygirlyy1989 4 years ago
)hii it is Very good ;)
By katherinevjc 4 years ago
pas mieux
By fox 5 years ago
vive les enciens!
pas mieux
By vicent 6 years ago
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