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    Taxidermied Mice Chess Set Appears on Etsy

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A shop on offered chess pieces in the form of taxidermied mice.

    If you think the game of chess is a little lackluster, try using this set instead. A shop on offers chess pieces in the form of taxidermied mice. The dead rodents have a wooden stand on the bottom, where their feet are attached so they can be maneuvered across the board easily.

    As with any deceased creature being used for novel purposes, not everyone has a positive opinion towards the items. The shop owner, Rachael Garcia addressed those concerns stating “All specimens were acquired from a captive breeding facility that distributes frozen rodents for reptile feeding, so don’t feel sad; if these little guys were not battling it out on the chess board, they would be deep in the belly of a snake.”

    Garcia takes custom orders for the seemingly bizarre chess sets. The 32 piece sets come with 16 dark colored creatures and the same amount of light colored ones for opposing players.

    The mice aren’t boring either. Garcia intricately dresses them in outfits to resemble kings, queens, knights and bishops. Some noteworthy accessories the chess mice showcase include swords, crowns, shields and pearls.

    Would you use the taxidermied mice as chess pieces?