Plow Truck Driver Finds Cyclist Buried Under Snow Pile

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A cyclist in Norway is lucky to be alive thanks to a rare, cautious plow driver.

Snow plow drivers have a tough job - cleaning snow often in limited visibility and slippery conditions can be hazardous. A cyclist in Norway is lucky to be alive thanks to a cautious plow driver.

The worker had been clearing snow from a bike path in a village, south of Oslo. The alert operator then spotted something underneath the white fluffiness.

He stated “I saw some handlebars poking out of the snow. When I got closer, I saw that there was a man on a bike completely covered by snow. I also noticed that the man was wearing a reflective vest.”

The driver quickly called emergency crews. Rescuers arrived at the scene and immediately transported the conscious cyclist to the closest hospital. According to the 26-year-old bike rider, he couldn’t remember how he ended up getting buried under a heap of snow. He had absolutely no recollection of a crash.

Fortunately, he had no severe injuries as a result. According to a police spokesperson the cyclist had been drinking prior to landing in the snow pile, which may have contributed to not only his lack of memory but also how the bike cruise went wrong.