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World's Largest Snickers Bar Sells for $40

4 years ago550 views


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A massive Snickers bar is available online through the UK retailer

Indulging in a standard sized candy bar is a good treat in itself.

Now, a massive Snickers bar is available online through the United Kingdom retailer The nutty bar measures 10 inches long and weighs a little under one pound.

Firebox described the massive candy noting “This absolute behemoth of a bar packs in a sumptuous 2000 calories and covers at least 3 major food groups. It's all you need!*” A small caption underneath that boasting phrase points out the Snickers bar is all you need to become 'horrifically obese’.

The amount of calories this bar contains is equivalent to a woman's recommended daily intake. Firebox made it clear the candy bar was not a substitute for a varied healthy diet.

The treat, which contains exactly 198 grams of fat is being called the World's Largest Snickers Bar. Retailing for a little over $40, it is available on a preorder basis through the website.

The seller suggests utilizing a carving knife to share the monstrous bar, but as many already know, once you get started on a rare sweet treat, it’s not exactly easy to stop.