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    Wu-Tang Clan - Reunited (live)


    by jekyllah

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    Reunited, double LP, we're all excited
    Struck a match to the underground, industry ignited
    from metaphorical parables to fertilize the Earth
    Wicked niggaz come, try to burglarize the turf
    Scattin off soft-ass beats them niggaz rap happily
    Tragically, that style, deter-iate, rapidly
    Uncompleted missions, throwin ur best known compositions
    U couldn't add it up, if u mastered addition
    Where I come from, gettin visual is habitual
    De-mon-strate walkin on hot coal, in rituals
    I splash the paint on the wall, it formed the mural
    He took a look, saw the manifestation of it, was plural
    Rhymin while impaired, dart hit your garment
    Pierced ur internal, streamlined compartments
    Just consider the unparallel advantage
    Of a ODB that's impossible to manage

    Bitch ass niggaz counterfeit the funk
    I smoke the bead and the skunk, tree top of the trunk
    Moonshine drunken monk, YaHEAD, get shrunk
    The touch of skunk, I be fuckin bitches by the chunk
    my name black, do words wanna play in my dirt?
    Bitch stop my momma serve, free lunch from the church
    I come like a thousand doves
    Bitch you quiet at the bus, makin the fuss, I gots tough love
    Unglove the news, watch a nigga transfuse
    Dirty add to the fuse, heavy at the booze
    I don't walk, I get carried
    Gold and platinum frisbees on my wall, lookin properly
    but come-ly, I U.F.O. you Wright Brothers
    The Indian that sold Manhattan to the white man
    my grandfather, step up and get knocked right the fuck out
    Come to the cook-out, Dirty bitch at the mouth
    You scared? Run around like a plane about to crash

    Yo, yo, The Riddler, funny bone tickler, freak Caligula
    Bigger dick sex enigma pistol fertilize ur stigma
    Stinkbox, order from pink dot
    MC's get stuck on ink blots as I plug to the sinkbox
    Wu-Tang Incorp. take ur brain on spacewalk
    Talk strange like B-jork, great hero Jim Thorpe
    How can I put it? Life is like video footage
    Hard to edit, directors, that never understood it