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    Grade 1 Prostate Enlargement, What Is The Best Treatment For Grade 1 Prostate Enlargement


    by Prostatesymptomscure


    The symptoms of prostate enlargement are called lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). See separate leaflet called Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Men where these are discussed in more detail. LUTS can also be caused by other conditions.

    As the prostate enlarges it may cause narrowing of the first part of the urethra. This may partially obstruct the flow of urine. This can lead to obstructive symptoms such as:
    Poor stream. The flow of urine is weaker, and it takes longer to empty your bladder.
    Hesitancy. You may have to wait at the toilet for a while before urine starts to flow.
    Dribbling. Towards the end of passing urine, the flow becomes a slow dribble.
    Poor emptying. You may have a feeling of not quite emptying your bladder.

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