IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Mandela's ceremony: A diplomatic landmine

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INTERNATIONAL PRESS – Tues. 10/12/13: Papers focus on what’s next for South Africa after Nelson Mandela's death, especially for his divided party the African National Congress. Also, who will and who won’t be attending his tribute ceremony, a "diplomatic landmine" according to the Guardian. Meanwhile, Kim Jong-Un purges his party and protesters in Kiev topple a statue of Lenin.
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Some articles from today’s International press review:

INTERNATIONAL NEW YORK TIMES: “ANC loses Mandela’s cachet”

WALL STREET JOURNAL: “Mandela’s death takes heat off Zuma”

GUARDIAN: “Nelson Mandela memorial brings old foes together”

DAILY BEAST: Netanyahu’s no-show

CHINA DAILY: “Pyongyang sees major power change”

INDEPENDENT: “The strange case of the dictator and the disappearing uncle”

GUARDIAN: Why smashing statues can be the sweetest revenge

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