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    Photo Shock (DVD and GIMMICK) by Jay Sankey - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    The performer introduces a photograph with a 10 bill wrapped around it. A playing card is freely selected (and it really is a free choice - they can touch ANY card they want.) The card is left sticking out of the pack and the performer explains that in the photo theres also one card sticking out of a deck of cards. And if the card in the photo doesnt match the spectators selected card they get to keep the money. But when the photo is revealed everybody sees that the card in the photo is face down So while the spectator holds the photo the magician performs a double impossibility. Not only does the card in the photo turn face up it also matches the freely selected card. And the photo CAN be closely examined.
    Only one photo is involved. No switches
    Extremely portable
    Basic sleight-of-hand
    10 second reset
    Includes full-length DVD special gimmicks for Bicycle brand cards.
    But once you learn the secrets to the effect youll be able to perform the same amazing effect with ANY brand of cards in the world.
    PHOTO FINISH - Jay includes the printed gimmicks and the detailed explanation for his Photo Finish effect featuring a show showstopping revelation of 5 selected playing cards.