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    Imprisoned (DVD and GIMMICK) by Jay Sankey - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Borrow a coin and have it initialed with a marker. Then hand out a plastic drinking straw to be examined. Then the magician impossibly inserts the coin INSIDE the straw and even dragged down the entire length of the straw. And the spectators initals can be seen through the stretched plastic of the straw the entire time. Best of all everything can be handed out and closely examined.
    Ingenious gimmick works with many sizes of borrowed coins including quarters dimes nickles and coins from around the world
    Only basic sleight-of-hand
    Instantly repeats
    Straws are everywhere
    CAPPER - Cause a borrowed coin and a bottle cap to change places in the spectators own hand despite the very different shapes of the items