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    Secure A Card (Blue) by Simon Jacobs - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    A spectators signed card changes places with a blank card around your neck.
    You show a blank card that is attached on a lanyard around your neck. You ask a spectator to choose and sign any random playing card. The spectator then placed their signed card in a card box. You state that you will make their sign card vanish. When you open the card box there is still a card inside. You explain that their card did vanish and show that the card is now blank. You then remind the spectator that at the beginning you showed them a blank card attached to the lanyard around your neck. When you turn this over it is now the spectators signed card. Everything is examinable.
    Instant reset
    Very easy to do
    Everything can be handed out for examination at the end
    Included are
    A DVD with full explanations of two types of routines
    All gimmicks(cards and lanyard). We explain how to make your own refills.
    Supply your own deck.
    I saw this performed I havent been fooled that bad for a long time - Kevin Schaller
    Simon showed me this more than 4 years ago now.. Ever since then I have performed this at least once a week and it never ever fails to get a gasp. Such a strong piece of magic that im sure you will never leave home with out.. I never do - Alan Rorinson