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    LIFT by Nefesch - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Imagine being able to perform endless Mentalism effects using ONE single method
    Imagine that Method being the simplest thing to do
    Can you lift your own hand
    Imagine being able to know what a person is thinking of by JUST lifting your own hand
    Now STOP imagining. LIFT exists
    Nefesch has kept this Mentalism technique involving one single movement close to his heart for years. Now hes sharing it with the magic community.
    Use LIFT to achieve any mind reading act you want.
    Routines Include
    Psychological Draw Duplication
    Newspaper/Book test
    And more...
    Shot in High Definition and over 1 HR and 45 Mins.
    Well I have to say this is one of the best and cleanest methods I have seen in a long time for gathering unknowable information. I WILL use this and will have a blast doing so. I must thank Nefesch for releasing this as it is absolutely impromptu and gives me a tool to use when someone asks me to perform some mentalism on the spot. I am a magic creator who loves psychokinetic fire and obviously supernatural looking effects and this will join the ranks of those illusions. The spectator will feel it is absolutely impossible. That launches it into the realm of the supernatural...therefore I love it. Thank you Nefesch. Do yourself a favor buy this and add it to your arsenal of amazing impromptu magic - MATT SCONCE CREATOR OF NOTES
    Lift is awesome So many applications and completely impromptu Not just a peek but a steal a load a switch - Im bubbling over with ideas for this little gem - DEE CHRISTOPHER
    LIFT is one of the most bold barefaced audacious and shameless bits of business I ever saw in action. AND IT WORKS - Paolo Cavalli
    Also includes a walk around method to perform the Dreams Routine Nefesch performed on the Next Uri Geller Show