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    Stick It (Blue) by Magic Tao - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    STICK-IT is an unbelievable routine showing a prediction on the back of any card named by a Spectator. A stunning piece of magic
    Your spectator thinks of and names any playing card. You run through the deck to find the Spectators chosen card. On the back of their named card is a silver sticker to prove that you have predicted this card before they chose it. Everything can then be examined if the Spectator wishes to.
    Alternatively have a Spectator choose a card for example the 3 Diamonds. Invite another Spectator to name a different card for example the 6 Clubs. You run through the deck and locate the 6 Clubs. On the back of the 6 clubs is a sticker that has 3 Diamonds written on it. Everything can then be examined.
    When you know the secret of STICKIT you will without doubt be impressed The prediction is your choice the chosen card is a FREE choice. Thats what makes STICK-IT unbelievable.
    You receive
    An instructional DVD explaining everything you need to know different options of set-up 3 different routines and more.
    You receive 25 STICK-IT gimmicks to get you started (refills will be available).