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    Mos Def - Ms Fat Booty


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    by jekyllah

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    I know, I can't afford to stop
    for a moment
    that it's too soon
    to forget (x2)

    Yo, in she came with the same type game
    The type of girl givin out the fake cell phone and name
    Big fame, she like cats with big thangs
    Jewels chip, money clip, phone flip, the six range
    I seen her on the ave, spotted her more than once
    Ass so fat that you could see it from the front
    She spot me like paparazzi; shot me a glance
    in that catwoman stance with the fat booty pants, Hot damn!
    What's your name love, where you came from?
    Neck and wrist blazed up, very little make-up
    The swims at the Reebok gym tone your frame up
    Is sugar and spice the only thing that you made of?
    I tried to play it low key but couldn't keep it down
    Asked her to dance she was like "Yo, I'm leavin now"
    An hour later, sounds from Jamaica
    She sippin Crys straight up, shakin, windin her waist up
    Scene two: my fam throwin the jam
    Fahreed is on the stand big things is in the plan
    The brother Big Mu makes space for me to move in
    Hey, this my man Mos, baby let me introduce; I turn around
    Say word! You was the same pretty bird who I had priorly observed
    tryin to play me for the herb (Yeah, that's her)
    Shocked as hell she couldn't get it together
    I just played it long and pretended I never met her
    "How you feelin?" "Oh I'm fine." "My name is Mos." "I'm Sharice.
    I heard so much good about you it's nice to finally meet."
    We moved to the booth reserved for crew especially
    And honey love ended up sittin directly next to me
    I'm type polite but now I'm lookin at her skeptically
    Cause baby girl got all the right weaponry
    Designer fabric, shoes, and accessories
    Chinky eyes, sweet voice is (fucking) with me mentally
    We conversated, made a laugh, yeah you know me bro
    Even though I know the steelo, she wild sweet yo
    I'm bout to merc, I say peace to the family
    She hop up like "How you gonna leave before you dance with me?"